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This page will become the portal on phonetics and phonology.

If you would like to maintain this portal, please contact the editors.

Here is a list of the articles in Category:Phonetics and phonology.

Here is a list of articles that we hope will be written soon:

absolute neutralization, accent, affricate, allophone, amphibrach, anaptyxis, aphaeresis, apicodental, apocope, appendix (in syllable structure), approximant, archiphoneme, archisegment, articulator theory, aspiration, assimilation, autosegment, autosegmental phonology, bilabial, biuniqueness, breathy voice, coda, compensatory lengthening, Contrastive Specification Theory, dactyl, declarative phonology, degenerate foot, dependency phonology, diphthongization, epenthesis, extrametricality, extrasyllabicity, feature (in phonology), feature geometry, fricative, geminate, government phonology, h-aspiré, homorganic, iamb, implosive, interlude, International Phonetic Alphabet, intonation, intonation contour, labiodental, laryngeal, lateral, lenition, liaison, liquid, metrical phonology, minimal word constraint, monophthong, monophthongization, mora, nasal, nasalization, natural class, nonlinear phonology, nucleus (in phonology), Obligatory Contour Principle, obstruent, onset, paragoge, phoneme, phonetics, phonological word, phonotactic, pitch accent, prenasalization, prependix, prosodic word, prothesis, Raddoppiamento Sintattico, Radical Underspecification Theory, Received Pronunciation, rhotic, rhyme, schwa, segment, skeletal position, sonority, stop, stress, stress-timed and syllable-timed, syllabification, syllable peak, syncope, tense (in phonology), ternary foot, tone, umlaut, underspecification, velar, velarization, vowel, vowel harmony