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To create or edit pages, you need to have an account created. To prevent spam, we were forced to switch to manual registration.

If you want a glottopedia account, please write an e-mail to glottopedia [at] with a preferred user name (your real name, or an abbreviation of it, not a pseudonym please), your e-mail address, your affiliation, and your real name. Your real name as stated will only be visible for administrators during account creation. Once the account is created, an e-mail will be sent to you to tell you your password and to verify your e-mail address. After confirming it, you can start editing.

Please do not forget to state your real name and your affiliation (or former affiliation, if you don't have a current academic affiliation) on your user page.

!!! Please do not use yahoo mail addresses. Unfortunately, yahoo blocks all communication from glottopedia servers.

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