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A coordinator is a particle or affix that serves to link the coordinands in coordination.

  • "The particle or affix that serves to link the units of a coordinate construction is called coordinator." (Haspelmath 2007:1)


In English, the most important coordinators are and, or, and but.



  • coordinating conjunction (this term was the most comomn term in the second half of the 19th century, and was still widely used in the 20th).


The term became current only in the 20th century. Probably Bloomfield's (1933:195) use of the term was very influential in spreading it.

  • "The phrase boys and girls belongs to the same form-class as the constituents, boys, girls; these constituents are the members of the co-ordination, and the other constituent is the co-ordinator." (Bloomfield 1933:195)


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