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I'm a research and editorial consultant, and specialise in helping academics in a range of fields to prepare their applications for competitive research funding; mostly this is in the physical sciences, not my home area. My linguistic interests mostly lie in Halliday's systemic functional grammar. I haven't come here with a partisan agenda, though, and I don't know anyone else on this site (yet). I'm also keenly interested in comparative linguistics. To be modest, I'd describe myself as a well-informed amateur in both areas.

I've written a suite of writing exercises that mainly concern grammatical issues, aimed at editors of the English Wikipedia. My next challenge is to write a "Comma workshop" and a tutorial page for non-native speakers on the use of "the" and "a"—a great bugbear for all but those who come from a few closely related languages.

As a member of Wikimedia Australia, I'm exploring the potential for finding collaborators who are in a position to make audio recordings of fast-vanishing Indigenous Australian languages. All I see at the moment is a bit of lexical stuff—almost nothing about grammar. It's urgent that we do something before the native speakers die out.

My real name is Tony Souter. I live in Sydney. My en.WP page is here. Tony (talk) 13:30, 22 May 2011 (UTC)