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I found Glottopedia through... some RSS feed, on July 4th 2007. Entranced by the idea, I quickly signed up for this account, using the same internet alias I've used for the last... wow, 8 years already. Of course, I failed to read the very apropos fine print that says "zomg use your real name, fewl." This is a good rule for this site, I support it; the last thing Glottopedia needs is a bunch of random crappy trollers screwing with the information.

But since I try (with some measurable degree of success) to keep my netname and my IRL name somewhat separate, rather than connect them now, I'll just abandon this username in favor of my real life name account. I'm very sorry and apologetic for the inconvenience, and if a moderator wishes to delete this name entirely, I will completely understand.