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Since 1991, an international, world-wide conference is held on a regular basis. The first of these quantitative linguistic conferences (QUALICO) was held at the University of Trier, Germany. Since 1997, it is organised by the International Quantitative Linguistics Association (IQLA).

The proceedings of the first conference in Trier, 1991, were published as a book: Reinhard Köhler/Burghard Rieger (eds.) (1993), Contributions to quantitative linguistics. Dordrecht, Boston, London: Kluwer.

The proceedings of the subsequent conferences (1994 in Moscow, 1997 in Helsinki, 2000 in Prague, 2003 in Athens, Georgia, USA) were published by the Journal of Quantitative Linguistics

The next international quantitative linguistics conference (QUALICO 2009) will be held in Graz (Austria), sept. 17-20, 2009. Call for Papers and Pre-Registration are open: http://www.iqla.org/qualico_2009/