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Biographical articles (Category:BIOG) are a type of article that discusses the life and work of past linguists. (Note that articles on living linguists are a separate article type.)

All articles should have the same structure: They consist of up to six sections, which always have the same headings and occur in the same order. Only the first section (Introduction) is obligatory.

The following sections are envisaged at the moment:

Introduction (contains the name, the birth and death dates, and a brief characterization of the linguist)

Life (career stages etc.)

Contribution (description of the most important contributions to linguistics)

Links (e.g links to obituaries or other websites)

Works (list of most important publications; a full list can be added on a subpage, cf. James D. McCawley, S.-Y. Kuroda)

References (references to papers etc. about the person, especially obituaries)

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