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Bibliographical reference pages are pages containing just a single bibliographical reference, i.e. the reference to a book, an article, a dissertation, or any other citable resource.

Bibliographical reference pages can be used by Glotttopedia users just to find the full complete reference in Glottopedia. Suppose you were not sure exactly how to cite Silverstein's classical article on feature hierarchies. The Glottopedia article Silverstein 1976 gives the desired information, faster and (hopefully) more reliably than a search engine.

But bibliographical reference pages can also be used by Glottopedia authors to include them into Glottopedia articles. This is relevant especially for widely cited works. For instance, when an article refers to Lyons 1968, there is no need to type in the complete reference. Just typing "{{:Lyons 1968}}" will be sufficient to include the page with the information on this work.

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