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Georg Friedrich Meier (November 20, 1919 – November 18, 1992) was an East German linguist, who was primarily known as the longtime editor of the journal Zeitschrift für Phonetik, Sprachwissenschaft und Kommunikationsforschung.


Meier left Munich in 1949 for the GDR, also because of his political convictions (Lötzsch 1993:334). At the age of 68 in 1987 he returned to Munich.


From 1961 to 1983, Meier was editor-in-chief of the journal Zeitschrift für Phonetik, Sprachwissenschaft und Kommunikationsforschung (ZPSK), the only linguistics journal of the GDR. During this time he had a strong influence over the direction of the journal and was influential in GDR linguistics in general. He had very diverse interests and reviewed a large number of books for ZPSK.


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