Clitic doubling

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Clitic doubling refers to the use of (mostly object) clitic pronouns together with a coreferential noun phrase, especially in the Romance and Balkan languages.

Term properties

A back-formed verb to clitic-double can be used, e.g. Non-specific objects are not clitic-doubled.


  • Romanian
  • L-am văzut pe Petru.
  • 3SG.M.CL-I.have seen ACC Petru
  • 'I've seen Petru.'

  • Macedonian
  • Jana go vide volk-ot.
  • Jana 3SG.M.ACC.CL saw wolf-DEF
  • 'Jana saw the wolf.'



The term has been widespread since the 1980s.

Other languages

German Klitikaverdopplung