Vladimir P. Nedjalkov

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Vladimir Petrovich Nedjalkov (1928, Odessa - 2009, Sankt-Petersburg) was a prominent Russian scholar in the field of syntactic typlogy. * He was one of the main representatives of the Sanct-Petersburg typological school.

  • His main works are dedicated to German causatives (1971), general typology of causative constructions (1969), voice in Nivkh (1974), general typology of reflexive constructions (1975, 1976, 1978, 1981), general typology of resultative constructions and their relations to passive, perfective and stative constructions (1980, 1983), general typology of non-finite verbal forms (1981), general typology of taxis relations (1987), general typology of converbs (1988), as well as general typology of reciprocal constructions (2007).