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CV Dafydd Gibbon
Dafydd Gibbon was educated at the Universities of London (King's College), Erlangen and Göttingen. He held junior positions at the Göttingen University and an Associate Professorship at the Cologne University of Applied Sciences before being appointed Full Professor (C4) of English and General Linguistics at Bielefeld University, Germany in 1981, a position he has held since then. He has published extensively, mainly in descriptive, documentary and computational linguistics and phonetics, including two major Handbooks on digital language resources, and has concentrated for many years on issues of applying methods from these disciplines to the field of digital language documentation in computational lexicology and in speech technology for less described languages, and to the creation of sustainable linguistic and cultural resources for African languages.
This work has been supported by a series of projects funded by the EU (SAM, EAGLES, ISLE consortia), and in Germany by the BMBF (ASL and VerbMobil consortia), DFG (in two Forschergruppen and one Sonderforschungsbereich), VW-Stiftung (DoBeS consortium) and DAAD (two cooperative projects with West African Countries and one with Brazil). He was also a member of the NSF funded EMELD project with responsibility for African data.
Currently he is working on ontology concepts for non-Indo-European languages, particularly in the domain of prosody, and on logical semantics for character interpretation in the context of semantic search.

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