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== Citations and notes ==
== Citations and notes ==
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Meaning: 'to turn' IEW 1156-8

Reconstructed stems

Aorist1a *wért-/wrt-

Hittite anda wartanzi 'turn in'[1]

Vedic avart 'has turned'

Present5a *wért-o/e-

Vedic vártate 'turns'

Latin uertor, uertī 'to turn'

Perfect *we-wórt/wrt-

Vedic vāvárta, vavárta 'turns, has turned'

Old Latin uortī 'turned'

Causative *wort-éjo/e-

Vedic vartáyati 'turns (tr.)'




Greek ἀπό-ερσε 'tore away'


OCS ob-vrъnǫti sę 'to turn'

Tocharian B wärnāmane 'turning'

Citations and notes

  1. Kloekhorst 2008: 978