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Welcome to Glottopedia!

Glottopedia is a freely editable encyclopedia for linguists by linguists that is currently being built up. It will containdictionary articles on all technical terms of linguistics and is multilingual. In addition, there are survey articles, biographical articles und language articles, potentially on all linguists and all languages.

Glottopedia also exists in German, and in the future hopefully also in Spanish, French, Russian, Italian, Chinese, and Japanese.

Glottopedia needs Your contribution!

Glottopedia Team

Editors-in-Chief: Martin Haspelmath, Sven Naumann

Technical Editors: Götz Burger, Hans-Jörg Bibiko

Scientific Advisory Council: Östen Dahl, Martin Haase, John McWhorter, N.N., N.N., N.N., N.N., N.N.

Dictionary articles


argument structure, dependency grammar, ergativity, case theory, phrase structure grammar, pied piping, subject, subcomparative construction


accusative case, Distributed Morphology, infinitive, lexeme, morpheme, prefix, supine

Phonetics and Phonology

apicodental, approximant, labiodental, nasalization, paragoge, syncope, velarization


ambiguity, antonym, meaning, denotation, connotation, holonym, hyperonym, hyponym, proposition, semantic marker, sense, vagueness

Computational Linguistics

KWIC concordance, parser

Biographical articles

Karl Ferdinand Becker ·Johannes Benzing · Simon C. Dik ·Dionysius Thrax · Stefan Elders · H. Allan Gleason Jr. · Einar Haugen · Marco Haverkort · Karl Erich Heidolph · Georg Friedrich Meier · Harry L. Shorto · John Sinclair ·Sergej A. Starostin ·Jost Winteler

Other Languages

German Glottopedia:Hauptseite

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