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|Language=Kildin Saami
|Language=Kildin Saami
|Autoglottonym= (kīllt) sāmʼ kīll / (кӣллт) са̄мь кӣлл
|Autonym= (kīllt) sāmʼ kīll / (кӣллт) са̄мь кӣлл
|Pronunciation=[(kiːlːˠt) saːmʲ kːlːˠ]
|Pronunciation=[(kiːlːˠt) saːmʲ kːlːˠ]
|WALSname=Saami (Kildin)
|WALSname=Saami (Kildin)

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Kildin Saami
Autoglottonym: (kīllt) sāmʼ kīll / (кӣллт) са̄мь кӣлл
Pronunciation: (kiːlːˠt) saːmʲ kːlːˠ
Ethnologue name: Saami, Kildin
OLAC name: {{{OLACname}}}
WALS name: Saami (Kildin)
Location point: 37dE 67dN
Family: Uralic
Genus: Peninsula Eastern Saamic
Country: Russian Federation
Official in: not an official language
Speakers: 100–800
Writing system: Cyrillic
ISO 639-2: smi
ISO 639-3: sjd
WALS: sik

Kildin Saami is a seriously endangered Eastern Saamic (Uralic) language spoken in the Russian Federation.



The name Kildin is borrowed from Russian kilʼdin-, the name for an island on the Barents Sea coast close to present-day Murmansk. The Russian name of the island goes back to the Kildin Saami toponym kīllt, which originally referred only to one rather peripheral dialect of this language.


Kildin Saami is spoken on the Kola peninsula in northwesternmost Russia.


The number of active fluent speakers is estimated at around 100 (2011);[1] the overall number of speakers goes perhaps up to 800.


  • Arsjogk
  • Kīllt
  • Koardegk
  • Lejjavvʼr (†)
  • Lujavvʼr
  • Māziell`k (†)


Eastern Saamic
Peninsula Eastern Saamic

Works on the language

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  • Kert, Georgij M. 1971. Saamskij jazyk. Leningrad: Nauka.
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  1. Scheller 2011

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